Why do the parties see the horizontal voting system for  parliamentary and municipal elections as the plague? Is it because  some independent candidates would then have an equal chance of election and  could subsequently  exert real, non –party controlled criticism over power in order to stop corruption and collusion ?

Why did a former President of the Republic characterize Cyprus as a banana Republic ?  Was he referring to and confirming to   the third world  events and scandals occurring  in our country that even himself as President he could not control?

If we are indeed a "banana republic"  how will our foreign and Turkish Cypriot fellow citizens  respect and trust us to solve the Cyprus problem? Is this why we think that all foreigners are anti-Greek and should we assume the primary responsibility  for this situation ?

Our movement believes that the cause of most of our problems  is the lack of proper government control  because our parliamentary representatives are controlled by the political parties and do not represent  the interests of the  Cypriot people as they should. For this reason  we will promote the replacement of a number of MP with  independent, selfless  and capable citizens  from the private sector, charitable  institutions and other organizations.

If we accept the argument that the parties are all together in the same "dirty basket “  then the nomination of independent and selfless members will be the best  choice for voters because they will be the only ones outside the" basket ".

For someone to be elected to the House he would  need  about 8000 votes which is not easily accomplished by any individual . To date no independent MP has ever been elected because the citizens believe that by voting an independent MP  their  vote will be wasted.

Assuming that 10 independent candidates stand  and they each take  7999 votes then none of these MPs will be  elected and  79990 votes will be wasted. But if we take these 10 candidates and put them under a  movement such as Zygos and they take the same 79990  votes then most of these 10 members will be elected to parliament . This is what  will happen in the next elections because it is necessary, just, and  the Will of the People .

Therefore,  in  the next parliamentary elections in May 2011 the Independent Citizens Movement Zygos will participat  with a combined  group of  independent, selfless  and competent candidates  in every district of Cyprus.

In this way we hope to "defeat" the parties at their own  "game" of  the vertical ( party  first ) vote system. A vote to an "independent" will no longer be a  "lost" vote. We believe that the patriotism of the Cypriot citizen  will convince him  that personal interest is  nothing when compared to the public and national interests, which are now being sacrificed by  the dysfunctional political party system.

It is expected that many voters, regardless of political ideology , will vote for our  independent parliamentary candidates so that  a strong enough parliamentary group will be established in order to exercise vigilant scrutiny l of the Government on behalf of  the Cypriot people.